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Science & Technology Park – promotional video

PCT CARTUJA is the biggest Science & Technology Park in Spain and the 3rd biggest in Europe. When Cartuja93, the company that manages the Park, entrusted us this enormous project, it was a challenge for us to perfectly understand the clients needs and conveniently transfer them into a tailored film. The origin of PCT Cartuja was Expo´92, which was organized to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus (1492-1992). It was the World's fifth fair authorized by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) in the post-War era. The total amount of land used for the Expo was 215 hectares and the total number of visitors was 41,814,571. At the conclusion of the Expo, many of the Pavilions were dismantled, and today the island is divided between a research and development park called PCT CARTUJA and a theme park called Isla Magica, the 'Magic Island', which also hosts the popular Pavilion of Spain. Because of the success of PCT CARTUJA due to the rapid growth of national and international companies that settled down in the park and predictions of continious growth up to the year 2014, it became a must to showcase not only the past and present of the island but also the future of its evolution especially regarding its real estate and infraestructure. Therefore it became esential to build a virtual model of the island and its surroundings in order to develop 3D animations showing different stages of future plans. The 3D project part was not intended to be photorealistic, instead it was supposed to hold the sufficient level of realism to recognize and understand the tremendous changes taking place in the park over the years. This film was intended to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Science and Technology Park, serving as the opening video of an important political and private event, and further on function as a promotional video as well as an introduction to its visitors. 3D modelling and animation artists: Stefan Hahnfeld and Timo Richter.