Aerial photography/video

Filogullari is Andalusia's leading expert of high resolution aerial imagery in urban and non-urban areas. As experts in the acquisition, processing, 3D editing and delivery of high quality digital aerial photography and video, we are unique in offering complete solutions adapted to your needs in the South of Spain. Consider our services to obtain aerial imagery and photo montage (2.5D) that connect with your customers or audience. We offer the taking of images of the ground from an elevated/direct-down position (vertical, oblique or in different angles). Our services include the use of helium baloons (up to 300 meters high), stand-alone and vehicle-mounted poles as well as aerial vehicles like drones. Our mounted cameras include 5-axis stabilisation which can be controlled/triggered remotely or automatically. We normally work with digital photography up to 12 megapixels including thermography imagery, digital film (2D) and 360º VR content in Ultra High Definition up to 6K resolution. For higher requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are six common uses of aerial photography and video:

    1. Movie production: It is often used at the beginning of a scene or a film to establish general location.
    2. Arquitecture: Used to show the result of arquitectural work, for example the environment and/or transformation of a building lot or area.
    3. Arqueology: Aerial imagery offers an unprecedented and unparalleled insight into the past, showing us changes that have taken place, as well as paths and buildings that have stood through the years.
    4. Inspections: Aerial thermography is perfect for solar farm or roof inspections as well as rescues even at night, a real money saver against work intensive and time consuming tasks.
    5. Survey: It can help in tracking changes, for example Council employees can now effectively and efficiently manage assets without the need to leave their office.
    6. Tourism: Show the beauty of a village, city, natural environment or a newly built hotel complex or leissure area.
    7. 360ºVR footage, 3D modelling and tracking: We offer a complete service to visualise future buildings and other constructions in the real environment from an aerial point of view. It includes services like 3d modelling, 3d tracking, 360ºVR tracking and color management.

To watch the most recent aerial work with an helium balloon please click here: