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Mobile Eyephoneography

This event video shows a selection from the three previous editions of the eyephoneography project, that includes three works of many of the photographers who have participated in this international initiative: Carlein van der Beek (Holanda), Karen Divine (EE.UU.), Stefano Giogli (Italia), Anne Mallégol (Francia), MissPixels (Canadá), Masha Ru (Rusia), Greg Schmigel (EE.UU.) y Dave Weekes (Reino Unido). It is the first mobile exposition of photographs taken, processed and shared using smartphones. While stopping by Seville, the exhibition has inspired the project "Moviendo la casa" (moving the house), collaborating with the "Lo hacemos nosotras" collective, which contributed to a talk evening about photography, happiness, cultural entrepeneurship and collective action through arts in the Fnac Forum. The participants were Pablo Arza (Sevilla Photo Agency), José Antonio Muñiz Velázquez (Loyola Andalucía University), Guiomar Sánchez Mill ("Lo hacemos nosotras") and Rocío Nogales Muriel (eyephoneography). More info about eyephoneography and hosted artists at: http://www.eyephoneography.com