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REScoop – The energy transition to energy democracy

Animations are a great tool for global messages. Video always limits to just a particular region. Animation is acceptable to people around the world and it also saves money and time by avoiding multiple videos of the same topic but with different people, cultures and locations. It is also great to never go wrong with emotions and to simplify complex concepts and ideas. It better helps guiding the viewer towards the essence without being distracted by the appearance of the actors, or other unpredicted elements. Video may become outdated over time in comparison to animation which is easy to update. You may also save time, cost and energy. And finally, animation and storytelling is a great combo. In our case It is a successful example of how to explain and promote solutions through citizen mobilization around Europe to address the challenge of energy transition in an effective and participatory way. As a summary of the philosophy behind the REScoop movement, the REScoop 20-20-20 project (2013-2015) uses the case of the Greek island of Sifnos as a metaphor for the rest of Europe. At the end of the animation there is a link to www.rescoop.eu for information and practical tools on how to set up a REScoop. #energydemocracy #REScoopanimation