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Casa Grande del Pumarejo – short documentary

A Short Documentary showing the reaction of the public to the oblivion of the authorities, taking charge in the use and restoration of a public building in the midst of an outbreak of initiatives of solidarity and social innovation. The Pumarejo Palace, despite being an emblematic space for the city of Seville and its citizens, is still being ignored by local authorities. And this, even though it has been declared of Cultural Interest by the Government of Andalusia since September 26, 2003, exactly like the Cathedral of Seville. Its current owner, the Townhall of Seville, refuses to develop the proper works necessary for rehabilitation. However, an ever expanding group of citizens has spent 12 years fighting to get it done and does not cease to denounce the gradual deterioration of the building. The House-Palace Pumarejo cataloging has high heritage based on the great historical and architectural value of the building as well as the rich variety of uses that it has hosted throughout its nearly 250 years until present. A material value but also in regard of its use or ethnological value, which has since enjoyed a special legal safeguards for their protection and empowerment and that the Administration is required to implement. The music of the film is from guitarist and composer Paco Seco. This documentary was made during the months of April-May 2013

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***NEWS: The film was hosted in the European Commission website***