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ECO-CICLE – project video

ECO-CICLE is a European project for the promotion of cycling tourism in natural areas. It was composed by Alain Labatut an external collaborator of DPH and EU project expert. It is led by the Diputación de Huelva and the Regional Ministry of Environment, including stakeholders from the followng countries: Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium and Spain. The project has a 4-year span (2018-2022) and aims to achieve the exchange of good practises and the implementation of five regional action plans. It has proven to serve as a boost of cycling tourism and sustainable mobility at the provincial and local level but also as an important influence in regional policy making as well as joining together different administration levels around the same topic. The project included the following tasks: event organisation, survey, webpage design, project video, meetings from grassroot to EU level and knowledge exchange. More information about the European project ECO-CICLE and the recent project 'IMPULSO' in the province of Huelva (SPAIN) available here. For the opening conference video please visit the following link: ECO-CICLE conference opening project video

ECO-CICLE project video